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Benefactor Memberships

CrossRoads' Monthly Memberships allow our generous public to assist in sharing the love of the African Diaspora through Classes, Crafts and Celebration Days!

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Indie Artists & Crafters Section

Now, Artists and Crafters may present their beautiful creations directly to YOU!


CrossRoads Spiritual Lounge is created as a haven for African Diasporic Spiritualists to enlighten their minds, bodies, and spirits within a welcoming community.

CrossRoads Spiritual members** may look forward to receiving monthly spiritual items, enlightened discussions, and Feast Day celebrations, as well as meeting and extending their spiritual families for years to come! Ase'!

In The Beginning

In the Beginning, like minds gravitated to one another, sharing, loving and teaching. Then the mighty green came along and fear of losing everything, instead of spiritual enlightenment, became the focus. 

Like a Pheonix, Rising

Out of the despair for the world, sadness and sympathy for the heavenly cousins that live there, Oshun rose to the challenge of reminding God's children of the power that all possess and their connections to each other. Out of the rubble, rose a new, brighter future for ALL!

OSHUN! Mo Juba! A se'!

Community Events

CrossRoads Spiritual Lounge hosts monthly and weekly discussions, ranging from Orisha knowledge; Orisha Feast Days; to just plain ole' Meet & Greets! We welcome you to our family. Our arms are open wide! 

Brick & Mortar Fund

While the internet has expanded our lives "from sea to shining sea", nothing compares to the desired intimacy in the touch of a hand and the concrete foundation of a home.

Assist CrossRoads Spiritual in our goal to provide you with a spiritual family and home that you desire. This fund is the start to make your desire a reality. 

With the aid of your donation, CrossRoads Spiritual will search to find a building location to bring spiritual love and joy into your life.

Donations of $5 or more will receive an awesome tumbler!

Choose between 2 designs, Papa Legba or Nyame Ye Ohene. See design descriptions below.


Please call us to learn more