CrossRoads Basic Membership provides donors with an opportunity to enrich their spirits and homes with a continuous supply of natural resources that may be used to clear negative energy from their lives, ensuring that their homes are ripe gardens for spiritual well being and personal growth.

**Month-to-Month and Paypal, with an option to cancel after 90 days

CrossRoads Basic Membership

$20 Per Month 

(**Month-to-Month or Auto. Cancel after 90 days)

Package Includes:

-Monthy Supply of Homemade Florida Water

-Monthly Supply of House Blessing Incense

-Tri-monthly Supply of Green Bath Cleansing Wash

-30% off Exclusive CrossRoads Spiritual Lounge Creations and Services !!


  1. Download & Complete CrossRoads Membership Form
  2. Save form and Send to [email protected]
  3. Select the DONATE button, located to the Right.
  4. Please allow up to 7 days,  after sending your of 1st Month donation & Membership Form,  for your CrossRoads Spiritual Lounge Membership Package to be delivered. 
  5. After your 1st Month, your CrossRoads Spiritual Lounge Membership Package will be on or near the initial donation date, unless otherwise specified by you. Preferred date may be provided on the Membership form.
  6. CrossRoads Spiritual Lounge Membership may be cancelled 90 days after the initial donation date. Cancellation requests must be sent in writing 30 days before the 90 day period ends. The 90 day period is based on the initial donation date or the date specified on you Membership form. A response from CrossRoads Spiritual, showing receipt of your cancellation request, will be sent within in 7 days of your cancellation request date.
  7. Please contact us with questions or comments.